How to Build a Turtle Island Paradise & Stop Algae

How to Build a Turtle Island Paradise & Stop Algae

Build a turtle island in 5 steps. Turtles are fun to watch in your backyard pond or community lake! It’s easy to give turtles safe habitat to thrive.

1. Start with a 5×5 BioHaven Floating Island (cut for nesting*, optional).

2. How to plant a floating island for turtles? Add live plants and high quality turf around the island, saving the very edges for the installation of fake plants or ramps for them to climb up until the real plants grow in. Make certain to select plants that aren’t toxic for turtles, and also aren’t their favorite food. Add large flat top rock or two to give them a special spot to bask in the sun.

3.* If you have the islands cut for nesting boxes, the island will arrive with a square space about two inches deep in the center of the island. Add non-toxic sand into the center area.

4. Decide if you want your island to be anchored to one spot or if you want it to float. We recommend you anchor it so the turtles can find it easily every time.

5. Launch your island! Want to know how to launch a floating island for turtles?

You don’t have to do anything else to stop algae from blooming around your island, because the proprietary BioHaven matrix is especially designed to have an accelerated effect. Lots of surface area, biofilm, and biodiversity will build on your island as soon as you launch it.

Using a BioHaven Floating Island for turtle habitat, especially a floating island for turtles in a small pond is the way to keep your water and your turtles happy.

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