Square Modular Floating Island Models

This easy-to-plant square floating island can be customized for your floating habitat solution, or pond restoration project. BioHaven® modular floating islands for habitat & water quality are the perfect bio-remediation tool for ponds.  If you are looking for the best modular island floating solution, we can help.

The BioHaven® brand is a leader in Floating Treatment Wetland Technology, with over 5,000 islands launched worldwide.  Each BioHaven floating island is made using 100% RECYCLED PET Plastic, BioHaven floating island is the perfect biological solution for a healthy pond.  Studies have shown positive results to water quality where BioHaven floating islands have been used.  Our islands are handmade in California and are meant to last.  If you are looking for a natural solution for a healthy pond, go with a trusted brand – BioHaven floating islands clear water naturally by removing excess nutrients.

Create a lush floating garden while providing habitat above and below the waterline.  BioHaven® floating treatment wetlands act as living biofilters that promote microbial activity.  Like natural wetlands, which offer both surface area and circulation, BioHavens offer “augmented surface area.” The Matrix serves as a housing unit for all of these microbes…they live in the matrix and feed off of many of the nutrients in the water. Biodiversity at its best!

About the floating island standard square models

While we can custom create any shape or size, we offer 3 standard square models for clients looking to start small and add on as time allows.  Our modular floating islands make it easy to transport and launch. These modular floating islands are readily available in the following 3 sizes.

3 x 3 foot (approximately 9 square ft)

4 x 4 foot (approximately 16 square ft)

5 x 5 foot (approximately 25 square ft) 

*Don’t see what you are looking for?  At Floating Islands West, we are able to customize just about any shape or size for the perfect floating island.  Just let us know.

Each of our floating island models are manufactured with individual planting pockets and can be planted with your choice of aquatic or terrestrial plants.  If you are searching for a nesting island for ducks, or even a swan habitat island, these floating islands will allow you the flexibility that you need.  The square or modular island design allows you to buy now and add on later, creating a bigger island as time and budget allow.


From the moment your BioHaven® is placed into the water, even prior to adding plants, our bio matrix (proprietary design) kick starts the water treatment process through microbial activity.  This is not your regular swan nesting island, or a simple basking platform for a pond turtle, we offer a genuine floating treatment island backed by years of research.  We recognize the need for clean & clear pond water; by using the islands in our own pond, we enjoy zero pond odor while keeping the pond water clear, the natural way.  A healthy pond = a happy ecosystem & BioHaven floating islands are the perfect pond product to control algae, while providing shade and cover for your fish.


Remember, we can customize any island to meet the needs of your pond or lake.  Let us know what you want.

Why buy a floating island?

  • Green Product – made from recycled material
  • Handmade in California, USA
  • Clean water naturally, chemical free
  • Create a Balanced Ecosystem
  • Provide safe nesting habitat for waterfowl and migratory birds
  • Create refuge and shelter for fish under the floating island
  • Help control the dreaded pond odor problem
  • Our matrix biofilter provides ideal environment for root growth
  • You will get a genuine high quality floating island
  • BioHaven® performs better than any floating planter on the market, we provide a concentrated wetland effect unlike any other product.
  • Improve water quality and clarity by targeting organic particulates and excess nutrients
  • Plants will grow through the island and into the water, island will look like a natural part of the environment.
  • BioHaven® floating water gardens can be launched in shallow or deep water & will fluctuate to changing water levels.
  • IPO 200 & 250 models are small enough to be used in container gardens; while the larger models (IPO400 & larger) are strong enough to support large birds (or an otter).
  • Grow plants using different methods, such as hydroponic, aquaculture, or regular gardening.
  • Add beauty to your pond, plant your floating island with a variety of species – aquatic or terrestrial.
  • Everyone loves an island: fish, frogs, turtles, pollinator species, birds, and even humans!
Islands in shop
Floating islands starting at 2.5 x 2 feet and up.
IPO 1200

Floating island 3 x 3 feet

Square Shape

Shipping to be determined

IPO 1200 floating island includes:

BioHaven floating island with built-in UV protection,

2 anchor points.

IPO 1400

Floating island 4 x 4 feet

Square Shape

Shipping via freight carrier

IPO 1400 floating island includes:

BioHaven floating island with built-in UV protection,

2 anchor points.

IPO 1500

Floating island 5 x 5 feet

Square Shape

Shipping via freight carrier

IPO 1500 floating island includes:

BioHaven floating island with built-in UV protection,

2 anchor points.

BioHaven® is a trusted brand modeled after nature.  By working with nature, BioHaven® floating treatment islands work to transform a polluted-unhealthy water body into a thriving ecosystem…all without the use of chemical treatment.
IPO 300 mini island model
Looking for a nesting island

"I'm interested in a small duck nesting island to put in our pond. I want to give them a good escape zone from predators and I would also be interested in helping to increase the dissolved O2 levels and water clarity."

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In addition to reducing landfill waste, BioHaven® floating islands are designed to

  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance habitat
  • Provide safe & remote floating habitat for nesting success
  • Beautify your pond or tank
  • Grow plants in deep areas of pond where there are no plant shelves
  • Add a safe non-toxic planter to your koi pond or aquatic garden
  • Help remove phosphates, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Increase beneficial bacteria and consume excess nutrients
  • Bring a world leading floating treatment wetland system to the market for small ponds, koi ponds, farm ponds, lakes, and just about any body of water in need of restoration or water quality improvement
  • Allow the freedom to have a single floating island unit, or many modular islands floating in your pond or lake
  • Add some happiness into your life : )
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