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The Tres Lagunas Binational Summit, hosted by Agess, Inc. to inspire action towards the ecology restoration of the Salton Sea, highlights how a viable, natural, tested, scalable, lake restoration technology deployed in the Salton Sea or Tijuana River could restore ecosystem to an area where #waterreclamation is paramount. What is the role of #biomimicry and ecology restoration in lake restoration? To increase microbial activity with surface area and circulation and reclaim the water from nitrates, phosphorus, ammonia, selenium, total soluble solids, and heavy metals.

BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands, the world’s most advanced floating water treatment and wetland restoration systems. At Floating Islands West, our focus is on solutions-based innovation. We are passionate about what we do: providing a powerful, cost-effective tool for cleaning virtually any waterway, and building habitats both above and below the waterline. We believe nature knows best, which is why our floating islands are designed to mimic natural wetlands.  Watch this video showing BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands above and below the waterline.

A canoe trip through a natural floating wetland to see how they form the basis of an ancient micro growth system of water cleaning and algae prevention. This floating plant system is mimicked successfully by BioHaven® floating treatment wetlands. Narrated by the inventor of BioHaven Floating Islands, Bruce Kania.

Custom made round BioHaven floating islands were installed at EPCOT for their flower and garden festival.

This was a fun project!  The Mayor of Walnut Creek, as well as students participated in the amazing community effort to restore water quality at Heather Farms.  Today, the pond at Heather Farms, is a nice fishing spot for locals who say fishing conditions were practically non-existent before the islands.  We recently chatted with a few locals who were fishing the pond, they said that in addition to the waterfowl, they’ve spotted a local otter enjoying one of the islands.

This animation shows how a BioHaven floating treatment wetland functions.  You will see some examples of types of anchoring that has been used, as well as a closer view of how the roots grow through our proprietary matrix design and into the water.  Keep watching and you will see more about the biochemical process that occurs in and around the BioHaven floating island.

Watch this video to see what makes the BioHaven floating treatment products unique…hint- it has to do with Microbial Activity.

Our pond is always teeming with wildlife.  Earth Day 2015, check out the baby bass as they swim between two floating islands and plant roots…just an example of how floating islands can help improve bass fishing conditions in your farm pond.

If you’re lucky, you might get a good glimpse of one of our special team members.  Did you know that although river otters live in many types of habitats, the only consistency with these habitats is that they have accessible high quality water and an abundant food supply?  It looks like our pond passes the test : )  Chili is a local water quality expert!

Do you ever have those moments where you just know something isn’t where you left it?  We were out at the pond one day and it looked like something was missing…then we realized, the island was gone!  It appears to have relocated…on its own…or with the help of Chili the otter.  When anchored this shouldn’t happen, some of the islands in our pond are simply tied to the dock, this was one of them.

We caught up with our CEO while he was fishing “in the name of science,” I’m sure he won’t mind being featured in this fun video!

Pilot project for Salton Sea Authority & Torrez-Martinez Tribe

Check out this cool animation showing how our Leviathan could be used in the Salton Sea Pilot Project.  This pilot project at the Salton Sea will demonstrate the capabilities & success of its Habitat Restoration strategies. Depicted in the animation are High Density Photo Bio-Reactors for closed environment algae cultivation. Secondly, the Algaewell; a system for directly harvesting and cleaning the water in the Salton Sea. Lastly are integrated aqua-culture systems that contain different species growing in one pond for maximum yield. These efforts combined with other leading technologies in the field create a low-tech artificial eco-system feasible of restoring and mitigating a lot of the problems facing the Salton Sea today. At the same time the project is capable of generating an income profit margin and while creating employment opportunities for the area.

Another awesome project by our friends at Martin Ecosystems.  Hundreds of volunteers helped launch BioHaven floating islands in a demonstration project of a new coastal restoration technology to protect the coast south of Houma, Louisiana.  This is considered to be ground zero for coastal land loss in America. The project was coordinated by America’s WETLAND Foundation.

Video provided by Coastal Conservation Association Louisiana.  This floating island project was for Shell Oil Company and received the Gulf Guardian Award.  Floating Islands provided by our friends at Martin Ecosytems.


Frances Slocum State Park’s lake has a sediment problem, so Fawn Kearns and Kathy Kelchner led a group of conservation volunteers and school kids to build floating islands that will clean the lake.  Our BioHaven floating islands were shipped in 3 modules, volunteers assembled and planted the floating islands on site. iConserve Pennsylvania helps citizens understand the value of conserving Pa.’s natural resources, and make improvements in their lives to protect our planet!

BioHaven Floating Treatment Island: Planted and installed at Ellis Lake in Marysville, California. This project was spearheaded by Help Ellis Lake Prosper.

BioHaven floating islands are fun to plant and launch, and are easy to look after. Just a few simple steps to get them started and they will grow like any other garden.

Want to see how one community is making a difference?

This documentary is from our friends at Hayden Lake.  It gives some insight to a community working together through outreach, education, and on-the-water and on-the-ground restoration projects.  Hayden Lake is a beautiful and popular lake, but it’s increasingly troubled. Kootenai Environmental Alliance has launched the multi-pronged Hayden lake Project as a concentrated effort to conserve the resource, restore water quality and protect the lake from current and future threats.  Visit their website to see how you can help, or to view a summary of how our floating wetlands are performing.


Coastal Conservation Association – 2011 Floating Islands Project

The Floating Islands project, spearheaded for the past two years by CCA’s Building Conservation Habitat Program, partnered with Shell Oil Company, Terrebonne Parish Government, CCA’s Bayou Chapter, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, America’s Wetlands, Entergy, Enterprise Products, and Apache Louisiana Minerals LLC, and many CCA contributors to make this project possible.  The project is the first to use “floating islands” technology, in an open-water application in the marine environment, although the technique has been used for shoreline stabilization in conjunction with hurricane protection levees in south Louisiana.

Do you have a video you’d like to share?

Do you have a video of a BioHaven floating island that you’d like to share?  Send us a message, we’d love to see the progress.  This video, by a happy customer, shows one of the smaller floating island models available.  His ducks get plenty of use out of his mini floating island, the mini floating islands are great for small ponds and can also serve as a nesting platform for turtles.



Floating Wetlands in Outdoor Education

Through a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Coastal Watershed Program — a partnership between the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Texas Sea Grant — has helped to create a floating wetland in the detention pond at the Education Village in League City. The first floating wetland at a Texas school, it is expected to demonstrate a new way to improve water quality in Dickinson Bayou, which has low levels of oxygen and high levels of bacteria.  This island was provided by our friends at Martin Ecosystem : )


Just for fun

A wacky and entertaining video featuring Bill Nye “The Science Guy” talking about the importance of wetlands. Produced by the Washington State Department of Ecology with funds from the National Oceanic Administration (NOAA) under the Coastal Zone Management Act.


Incredible Wetlands Documentary

As long as humans have walked the planet, wetlands have been a part of our lives. Some turned to these saturated lands for resources while others saw them as something fearful or undesirable. A new documentary by Water Rocks! explores the biologically productive, and diverse, nature of wetlands and the vital role they play to life on Earth.



See how one of the most respected environmental groups is using BioHaven floating wetlands to help with their water quality issues.

Bass Angler Magazine visits Floating Islands West

Floating Islands Create Big Bass Habitat: Healthy fish need a healthy environment to thrive. A lack of oxygen, nitrate loading and pollutants are all are naturally occurring conditions that add to the decline of fisheries around the country – around the world. While many worry about these facts others just ignore it and then there are some that are fighting to combat the death of fish habitats, contain fish die off, preserve healthy environments and promote the growth of trophy bass
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