BioHaven® Floating island: 5 x 4 foot

Environmentally friendly pond products for habitat and water quality improvement

koi pond and healthy koi swimming under a floating island where roots hold microbes and oxygen bubbles

The BioHaven® brand is a leader in Floating Treatment Wetland Technology, with over 9,000 islands launched worldwide.  Our product is constructed using 100% RECYCLED PET Plastic and it’s certified as non-toxic. BioHaven® islands are a trusted leader for sustainable pond management practices, used worldwide.

Don’t be fooled by the imitators, you may notice other so called floating islands on the market; however, those products do not offer the benefits that a genuine BioHaven® will provide.  In March of 2014, BioHaven® floating islands were approved by the EPA as one of the top 6 innovative products in water quality…not only do our islands offer an aesthetic value, but every BioHaven® floating island that is placed into the water, works to improve water quality.

We have the science to back it up — and years of data and case studies performed around the world.


The 5 foot x 4 foot floating island (approximately 20 square ft) comes in 2 standard shapes – kidney and rectangular models (IPO 400 & IPO 450).

Each of our floating island models are manufactured with individual planting pockets and can be planted with your choice of aquatic or terrestrial plants.  If you are searching for a nesting island for swans or waterfowl, this floating island model is a good fit.

From the moment your BioHaven® is placed into the water, even prior to adding plants, our biofilter matrix (proprietary design) kick-starts the chemical free pond treatment process through microbial activity.  This biological pond treatment will help create a more balanced ecosystem, in turn helping to rid your pond of the high nutrient loads.  The BioHaven® is not just a versatile floating pond planter, it’s a clean & clear pond water generator!


Green Product – made from recycled material

Handmade in California, USA

Clean water naturally, chemical free

Our matrix biofilter provides ideal environment for root growth

You will get a genuine “floating island,” not a “floating planter” or “floating tub”

BioHaven® performs better than any floating planter on the market, we provide a concentrated wetland effect unlike any other product.

Plants will grow through the island and into the water, island will look like a natural part of the environment.

BioHaven® floating water gardens can be launched in shallow or deep water & will fluctuate to changing water levels.

Grow plants using different methods, such as hydroponic, aquaculture, or regular gardening.

Available in virtually any size, we build every island by hand to meet your needs.

A healthy pond = a happy ecosystem

Our floating islands are the perfect biological solution for lakes and ponds.  Control algae, shade your pond, provide cover for your fish, nesting for your birds, all while adding beauty to your pond.

Floating Island for Ponds
IPO 400

Floating island 5 x 4 feet

Kidney Shape

Shipping via freight carrier

IPO 400 floating island includes:

BioHaven floating island with built-in UV protection,

2 anchor points.

IPO 450

Floating island 5 x 4 feet

Rectangular Shape

Shipping via freight carrier

IPO 450 floating island includes:

BioHaven floating island with built-in UV protection,

2 anchor points.

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In addition to reducing landfill waste, BioHaven® floating islands are designed to

    • Improve water quality
    • Enhance habitat
    • Beautify your pond or tank
    • Grow plants in deep areas of pond where there are no plant shelves
    • Add a safe non-toxic planter to your koi pond or aquatic garden
    • Help remove phosphates, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
    • Increase beneficial bacteria and consume excess nutrients
  • Add some happiness into your life : )
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