BioHaven® The most advanced constructed wetland technology

Today we understand the importance of wetlands. In addition to habitat benefits, wetlands provide many water quality benefits; such as denitrification (removal of nitrates), capturing and filtering unwanted nutrients & sediments, flood or erosion control, groundwater recharge, and the list goes on.

Wetlands are home to some of the most diverse species on our planet and are vital to human survival, but they are disappearing at a rapid rate. As a result, plants and animals are fighting for survival, water quality is diminished, and ecosystems throughout the world are declining.

But there is a solution.


The BioHaven® Solution

BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands are a powerful tool in water stewardship. Our manmade floating wetlands biomimic their natural counterparts on a concentrated basis—250 square feet of island translates to an acre’s worth of wetland surface area.

Our islands have been named a Top 6 Innovative Water Technology and used throughout the world by government agencies, municipalities, nonprofits, and homeowners alike.

BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands are: 

  • BioHaven® floating island


    Can be launched in shallow or deep water, and can support terrestrial, non-terrestrial, and even edible plants

  • Customizable

    BioHaven® floating islands can be built to fit a small backyard pond, a large lake, or a container garden, as well as houseboat garden designs.

  • Easy to install


    Affordable, low-maintenance, and simple to install

  • Nesting Island, clapper rail


    BioHaven® FTWs are backed by years of research, and have been used by BASS Federation, U.S. Dept. of Forestry, ACEO, and more

  • Green

    BioHaven® FTWs are made primarily from recycled materials, and have been proven to restore habitat and water quality without the use of any chemicals

  • Modeled after nature


    BioHaven® are modeled after natural wetlands, and are able to treat water pollutants such as nitrate, phosphate, ammonia, organic carbon, heavy metals, and suspended solids

Almost any waterway can benefit from BioHaven® FTWs, and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand how they work... All of our islands, small to large, function in the same way – improving water quality and habitat while providing a “concentrated wetland” effect. Through the process of biomimicry (using nature as a model), the BioHaven® Floating Island transforms a polluted & unhealthy waterbody into a thriving ecosystem.   

Our commitment to the environment runs deep. Even before leaving our production facility, each BioHaven® is doing its part to have a positive impact on the earth. By using recycled material, we reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills.

Floating Treatment Wetland by Floating Islands West
For each square foot of BioHaven® floating island, about 12 recycled PET bottles have been transformed into a product that benefits the environment and promotes healthy waterways.

Our proprietary blend of recycled fiber, known as the matrix, provides a perfect growing medium for plant roots and shoots.

The matrix also creates the ideal environment for microbes in the form of biofilm, which are vital to the ecosystem and represent the base of the food chain, attracting fish and other microorganisms.


The sticky biofilm which covers the plant roots and biohaven-matrix acts as a mechanical filter for fine particulates, while the island itself provides shade to cool the pond water, the floating island blocks the sunlight from your pond that might otherwise encourage sub-aquatic weeds. Overhanging banks act as wave-breakers and allow passage of fish underneath the floating island. In a lake or reservoir setting, the conversion of nutrients to periphyton initiates the food chain and contributes to insect and fish growth, which are the hallmark of a healthy and productive ecosystem.

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