WaterSoil® Planting Medium

WaterSoil® is a lightweight soilless growing medium made from PREMIUM COCO COIR with guaranteed low salts. WaterSoil® is safe for water and contains some of the best organic plant food on the planet. WaterSoil® promotes a stronger root system, faster germination and enhanced plant growth.  Add water and watch your WaterSoil® expand.

The WaterSoil® Advantage

WaterSoil® is a specialty formulated planting mix designed specific to our floating islands.  This planting mix ships dry and compressed and expands up to 9 times in volume when re-hydrated…for example, one truckload of WaterSoil®  is equal to 9 truckloads of traditional soil.  Although any type of planting medium may be used with the floating islands, WaterSoil® will give your plants the upper hand by stimulating plant growth, promoting consistent moisture, improving soil microbiology, and producing healthy plants with stronger root systems.

Floating Island Plant Mix
WaterSoil® made from premium coco coir

Available in various sizes

#1001 WaterSoil® 1-lb water & aqutic life safe, planting medium $6.00

#1002 WaterSoil® 5-lb       $27.00

#1003 WaterSoil® 50-lb     $200.00

#1004 WaterSoil® 100-lb   $400.00

#1005 WaterSoil® super sack  $2,700.00 (expands to 9 cubic yards)

Remember that this planting mix is compressed and will expand up to 9 times in volume when re-hydrated.

Ready to Order?

Your plants will love this well-balanced mix of humus, worm castings, mycorrhizae, and other natural ingredients.  WaterSoil promotes excellent results and lush vigorous plant growth while saving space, time and money.  No amendments or additives needed, just add water.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to the nutrition of your plants, call today 209.286.1445 to see how WaterSoil can help.

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