Author: Robin Martin

harmful algae blooms can lead to fish kills, green ponds, and foul pond odors

20 Jul 5 Steps to Create a Safe Haven for Your Fish, Prevent Fish Kills, and Have Healthy Water Year after Year (improving over time!)

Prevent Summer Fish Kills The causes of Fish Kills are fairly consistent.  Usually, your fish are stressed by low oxygen levels, warmer water temperatures, high concentrations of nutrients and algal growth, and no real safe haven to hide in for relief.  Your water is unhappy. Your...

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02 Jul Water Garden Life

The best options for a beautiful and unique water garden Whether you are a landscape architect, Koi pond enthusiast, water gardener, into aquaponics, love the idea of creating a floating pollinator arboretum in your backyard, or just find yourself in the position of a private pond...

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