Improve pond water quality, increase biodiversity, provide safe nesting sites, increase shorebird habitat, and beautify your pond; all with the use of BioHaven® floating wetlands.


BIOHAVEN® floating treatment wetlands support a healthy pond environment.  Made from recycled material, each BioHaven® floating island is doing its part by reducing landfill waste and in turn promoting a healthy environment – both above and below the waterline.  Modeled after nature, BioHavens®  incorporate the elements of Biomimicry into the design…working with nature not against her.  This is the perfect solution for natural pond management.  If you are like many people, looking for the alternative approach to harsh pond chemicals, try a Biohaven floating island.  Your koi fish care about water quality, they have to live in it, check out our videos to see how much fish love our product.  Our proprietary design known as the BioHaven® matrix supports an abundance of microbes, simply place the island into the body of water and the microbial process begins (even before plants have been added to the floating island).  With our floating water garden, you will boost microbe populations in the pond or body of water, the BioHaven® matrix serves as a housing unit for microbes – kind of like an apartment or condominium – there are many places for microbes to live in our island matrix.  Your BioHaven® floating island will work to improve pond water quality, promote extensive root growth (using various methods of your choice including hydroponic gardening and even aquaponic gardening). In addition to the many water quality benefits that a Biohaven floating island provides, it also functions as a nesting habitat for swans, ducks, and more.

Circle Floating Island Models

These are just a few of our circle floating island models available.  Remember, at Floating Islands West, we can custom create a floating island to your specifications.  Maybe you have a small koi pond (perhaps you need a smaller island), or a large farm pond and need a floating island designed specific to your pond or water feature.  Don’t see the size or shape that you are looking for?  Call 209.286.1445 to speak with a team member.

  • IPO 700

      • Round floating island
      • This circle island is approximately a 3 foot diameter
      • IPO700 circle floating treatment island includes:
        • 2 anchor points
        • Jute covering for UV protection
    • Available upon request: WaterSoil floating island planting mix

  • IPO 800

    • Round floating water garden island
    • This floating circle shaped island is approximately 4 feet in diameter
    • The IPO800 round floating treatment wetland includes:
      • 2 anchor points
      • Jute covering for UV protection
    • A special floating island planting mix is available upon request, to learn more about WaterSoil, or to make a purchase, give us a call or send an email.

  • IPO 900 circle island

    • Round floating island
    • This circle island is approximately a 5 foot diameter floating wetland
    • IPO900 circle floating island includes: 2 anchor points & jute covering for UV protection
    • We also offer (at an additional cost) a specialized floating island planting mix called WaterSoil.

As with all of our floating islands, the circle floating island can be linked to other floating islands creating an archipelago.

BioHaven floating islands / treatment wetlands are environmentally friendly pond products for sustainable pond management.  Each of our floating islands work to…

    • Improve water quality
    • Improve nesting habitat
    • Beautify a pond, lake, or stream
    • Attract fish and promote fish health
    • Provide a chemical free pond shade alternative
    • Combat eutrophication through nutrient harvesting
    • Starve algae at the source
    • Grow plants in deep areas of pond where there are no plant shelves
    • Create a safe non-toxic planter for your koi pond or aquatic garden
    • Help remove phosphates, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Increase beneficial bacteria and consume excess nutrients

Full line of mini islands Manufactured by Floating Islands West, LLC

  • Model# IPO100 & 150 = 2.5 foot x 3 foot floating garden island
  • Model# IPO200 & 250 = 2.5 foot x 3 foot floating garden island
  • Model# IPO300 & 350 = 5 foot x 3 foot floating pond island
  • Model# IPO400 & 450 = 5 foot x 4 foot floating pond island
  • Model# IPO500 & 1500 = 5 foot x 5 foot floating pond island
  • Model# IPO700 = 3 foot diameter circle floating island
  • Model# IPO800 = Circle island 4 foot diameter floating island
  • Model# IPO900 = Circle island 5 foot diameter floating island
  • Model#1200 = Square island 3 foot x 3 foot modular floating treatment island
  • Model#1400 = Square island 4 foot x 4 foot modular floating treatment island
  • Model#1500 = Square island 5 foot x 5 foot modular floating treatment island

Customize your very own floating island: Request any size that you would like, here are a few examples of popular custom floating island sizes…

7 x 10 foot floating island; 8 x 10 foot floating island; 10 x 10 foot floating island; 10 x 15 foot floating island; 20 x 20 foot floating island; Larger floating islands available

This floating island can be customized, call 209.286.1445 or send a message and we’ll get back to you.

BioHaven floating treatment wetlands have been used worldwide for wetland restoration, safe waterfowl nesting sites, shoreline restoration, stormwater management, and much more. Our environmentally friendly pond products act as a living biofilter island for your pond.  You can have any island that you wish, give us a call to discuss your options.