Floating Islands West, LLC is the West Coast manufacturer and distribution center for BioHaven® Floating Islands. We provide an innovative approach to world water and habitat issues by providing a full range of services, including island design, co-design, installation, as well as training. As a license holder & manufacturer of BioHaven® Floating Islands we are able to custom create islands to your specifications.

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Floating Islands West manufactures and supplies large floating treatment wetlands and mini floating islands to a wide variety of clientele for both large and small spaces.  Islands can be modified to fit your application, from small container gardens, to large islands such as an acre in size.  We work with you to find the best floating island solution to fit your needs.


Below are a few groups who have used our products.

Decorative Islands for a small or large spaces

Islands can be modified to fit your lifestyle.  Want to try gardening on a tiny floating island?  Mini islands can be modified to fit your application, some have been used in science fair displays, as well as small aquatic features.  While the largest island manufactured in our shop was about an acre in size.


No matter the size, small or large, all of our Floating Islands work to improve water quality. Our small floating islands are made using the same craftsmanship and material that is used on the much larger floating islands, they are designed to last.  If you are looking to beautify your pond, or add a maintenance-free pond restoration tool, Floating Islands West has the perfect decorative pond feature for you…floating islands!

Aquascape Hobbyists & Koi Enthusiasts

Want the perfect addition to your koi pond?  Floating islands by Floating Islands West, add beauty to any pond, while also helping to improve water quality; creating cleaner clearer water. BioHaven® floating islands will help to reduce phosphates, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite from pond water; all using a natural and proven approach.  With a floating island, you have an opportunity to grow plants in deeper areas of the pond, where plant shelves may not exist.  Islands will also shade the pond, while providing shelter and additional food sources for your fish.  Our islands can be modified to fit your lifestyle, we are able to customize the size, shape, and buoyancy depending upon your need.

Islands for City Parks

Does your city have a local park with a pond that is in need of some help?  If your local pond is suffering from poor water quality, bad odor, or an abundance of waterfowl and unhealthy fishing conditions, a floating island might be the solution.  Our islands are backed by years of research and have been used by many cities throughout the US and beyond.  The islands work both above and below the waterline to create ideal conditions for both fish and waterfowl.  We have worked with municipal, as well as non-profit groups to help balance the health of their local waterbodies.

Visit the science section of our website to learn more how the islands work, case studies are also available.

Islands for Conservation

Are you a pioneer or leader in conservation efforts in your community?  Looking for the missing puzzle piece to help with your natural resource conservation programs?  BioHavens are currently in use worldwide for special projects involving watershed enhancement, river and lake restoration, habitat enhancement and much more.  We are always happy to meet non-profit or educational groups interested in helping to make their communities a better place.  Give us a call to discuss your idea or project, we’d love to help!

Islands for Wastewater

Are you struggling to meet your wastewater discharge permit?  You struggle to be in compliance, but can’t afford the conventional solutions for wastewater. BioHaven® floating wetland technology provides a cost-effective, simple solution for wastewater discharge.  BioHaven® treatment wetlands can extend the life of your existing system, as well as help avoid costly upgrades…keeping you in compliance and improving your discharge so that you are returning treated, clean water into your local rivers and streams.

Islands for Habitat

BioHaven® nesting islands have been used with success to increase reproductive success of endangered birds in lakes and reservoirs.  Islands can help mitigate negative impacts of reservoir operations by encouraging certain birds to nest away from areas prone to human disturbance.  Happy residents of nesting islands include swans, ducks, turtles, loons, frogs, clapper rails, caspian terns, and many others.  The nests are often surrounded by water, away from the common predators, creating a higher chance for survival.  The islands “ride the tide,”  so you can rest assured that this nesting site is protected from fluctuating water levels.

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