BioHaven®  Floating Treatment Wetlands (Floating Islands) have been successfully deployed in many diverse waterways, including wastewater treatment, storm water management, freshwater and marine environments; public, private, domestic, as well as international.

  • Habitat Management

    BioHaven islands have been used worldwide for habitat management both above and below the waterline. Our marine grade material is safe and non-toxic to fish and other species. Uses include waterfowl nesting, fish sanctuary or fish refuge, as well as pollinator sites.

  • Hayden Lake Island

    Wetland & Lake Restoration

    "Our goal is to find ways to reduce excess nutrients in the lake’s bays now, which could decrease the prevalence of algae blooms and provide swimmable, fishable, drinkable water.” Adrienne Cronebaugh, Executive Director for Kootenai Environmental Alliance.

  • Water Quality

    “The floating wetland technology has been shown to remove nutrients (specifically phosphorus), decrease biological oxygen demand, and reduce total suspended solids in wastewater treatment environments." Kristin Larson, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

  • Wastewater Treatment

    "The Floating Islands technology is the most innovative cost—effective technology to come along in a long time. The technology has the potential to allow many communities and facilities to finally achieve compliance." Dr. Harold Leggett, former Secretary Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality

  • Storm Water Treatment

    A BioHaven® floating treatment wetland was installed and studied in a storm water pond in Billings, MT. The BioHaven® was successful at removing metals, nutrients and other contaminants, with removal percentages ranging from 63% to 98%.

  • Greywater Biofiltration

    Thousands of BioHaven® floating islands have been installed worldwide and have been effective at removing contaminants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, BOD, TSS, and propylene glycol.

  • Wave Mitigation

    Hydraulic engineers at Alden Laboratories studied the wave attenuation properties of BioHaven® floating islands. Our islands have proven successful at dampening wave energy in both deep water and shoreline settings.

  • Coastal Protection

    Applied in coastal restoration efforts; the BioHaven® technology is proven and successful; it is endorsed by the Water Institute of the Gulf for Bank Stabilization & Shoreline Protection.

  • BioHaven® Living Walkway (floating dock)

    Recreational Use

    Floating islands are functional too. How about a floating dock or floating yoga platform for the pond? Floating putting green, or private island for your pond? No matter the application, BioHaven treatment islands promote a healthy pond and help reduce algae.

  • Aquaponics & Gardening

    The BioHaven® matrix provides the ideal environment for plant roots and shoots. Grow virtually anything, including fruits and vegetables in your BioHaven® floating garden.

The Best Floating Island Solution For You

Need some assistance with deciding the best island for you?  We have many floating island applications from small to large, custom to standard.  Just about anyone can benefit from a floating treatment island, which of the following do you most identify with?


    • Aquascape Hobbyist
    • Koi Pond
    • Looking to beautify my pond
    • I have pet swans or other waterfowl
    • I am a student looking for a cool project
    • Looking for maintenance free planter
    • Looking for something smaller than 5 x 5 foot


    • Looking to beautify a pond at my company
    • Looking to restore the health of a pond at our golf course.
    • Looking for an add on to our existing greywater reuse system
    • Looking to implement a cost effective water reuse system.
    • Want to clean a holding treatment pond at our location
    • Need alternative sustainable solution for pond clarity


    • The pond at my local park prevents people from visiting due to the strong pond odor
    • My city is looking for alternative wastewater treatment methods.
    • Looking to cut costs on conventional stormwater treatment.
    • We are struggling to meet our wastewater discharge permit.
    • Looking for a water treatment technology that can work with my existing system.
    • Need to  rapidly cycle nutrients into appropriate biota within target waterways


    • I am a conservationist or working with a resource conservation district
    • Looking for a sustainable way to improve water quality.
    • I want to provide a safe haven for endangered waterfowl or provide fish refuge.
    • I am interested in a green product that’s in line with conservation biology.
    • Searching for an environmentally friendly, nature inspired product to clean and restore rivers, lakes, ponds, streams.

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