(300 Sq. Ft)

While all of our floating islands are great for growing lush pond plants, this floating island can support larger pond plants, while also providing a valuable habitat to larger waterfowl.  Due to the size, this BioHaven® floating island can support multiple swans, geese, ducks, turtles, and much more. Let us know what you plan to use your floating island for and we will gladly customize your island for habitat or water quality needs.

Beautiful Floating Island, California Winery

15 foot x 20 foot
BioHaven® Floating Island

Want to buy this size island?
  • Approximate size 15 x 20 feet
  • Kidney Shape
  • Equipped with 4 Anchor Points
  • BioHaven Floating Island with built-in UV protection

Plants and Planting Mix are not included. We do offer specialized planting mix, which is available upon request at an additional cost.

Do you have a farm pond, or larger body of water?  The BioHaven® Technology is a blend of biology, environmental sciences, and conventional engineering.

With biofilm reactors acting as the natural agent, our islands rapidly develop microbes.  As a result, the BioHaven® floating treatment wetland will out-compete algae in a head-to-head race for nutrients.  The result? Healthier, cleaner water, and a more holistic approach to pond management.

If you’re looking to restore a healthy waterway, you would be best served by choosing one of our larger island models. More surface area (larger island) provides more area for microbes to colonize.  While we do make many sizes of floating islands, the mini islands are intended for mini ponds—such as a small koi pond.  The larger ponds, such as farm ponds, or fishing ponds, will be best with larger islands or a group of smaller islands, fit together in a modular fashion.

Want to know more about a 15 x 20 foot floating island? Call 209.772.1442, or send us a message.

Do you want additional buoyancy in your floating island?  Let us know if you plan to add sod or additional weight and we can add more buoyancy.  Any additional customization requests, please let us know and we will take that into account prior to manufacturing.

BioHaven® floating treatment wetlands have been used worldwide for wetland restoration, safe waterfowl nesting sites, shoreline restoration, stormwater management, and much more. Our environmentally friendly pond products act as a living biofilter island for your pond.

The U.S. Department of State showcased innovative American water technologies at “USTech H2.O,” our islands were named a Top 6 Innovative Water Technology of 2014.

BioHaven® floating islands are designed to

  • Provide a “concentrated wetland effect”
    • 250 square feet of BioHaven® floating island is equal to 1 acre of natural wetland surface area
  • Improve pond water quality
  • Improve waterfowl nesting
  • Increase fishery habitat
  • Shade your pond without harsh chemicals
  • Starve algae at the source
  • Provide a maintenance-free sustainable water restoration process
  • Grow plants in deep areas of pond
  • Help remove phosphates, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Increase beneficial bacteria and consume excess nutrients
Floating Island
A message from another happy client...

"I absolutely LOVE my floating island, did I mention it was love at first sight?! My swans love the island too!"

Do you have questions?  We’ve got answers!  Call 209.286.1445 or send some info regarding your ideal floating island.
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