What is a floating treatment wetland?

What is a floating treatment wetland?

BioHaven Floating Islands are also referred to as “Floating treatment wetlands,” or FTWs.  Our floating islands aka floating treatment wetlands – employ rooted, emergent macrophytes (similar to those used in surface and subsurface flow wetlands) growing as a floating mat on the surface of the water rather than rooted in the sediments.  They are therefore able to tolerate the wide fluctuations in water depths that are typical of stormwater systems. The plant roots hanging beneath the floating mat provide a large surface area for biofilm growth and entrapment of fine suspended particulates that would otherwise remain in suspension in a pond system. Because the plants are not rooted in the sediment, they are forced to acquire their nutrition directly from the water column, which enhances potential rates of nutrient and element uptake into biomass.


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