What is a BioHaven® Floating Island?

What is a BioHaven® Floating Island?

BioHaven® floating islands are a new variant on constructed wetlands, or treatment wetlands.  BioHaven Floating Islands “bio-mimic” mother nature’s own natural floating wetlands.  When a BioHaven® is launched (placed into the desired body of water), a whole diverse eco-system is created which soon attracts life in all its forms, from microbes to nymphs, to butterflies, to fish, birds…. all the way up the food chain.  In addition to the myriad of benefits from habitat, water quality, restoration, and more; something that makes BioHaven® floating islands unique is that they can be custom created to virtually any size and shape, the largest of our islands (44,000 square feet) was launched in early 2010 for the Army Corps of Engineers.  Our islands can be made small enough to ship via US Postal Service, but also large enough to support over a million pounds.


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