Make your lake the centerpiece of your hotel and resort

Enhance your water features and revitalize your property landscape

Challenged to create unique, memorable environments

with your lake or pond features?  We’d love to help!

Integrating man-made lakes into the heart of a hotel complex, once a major challenge for landscape architects
and a resource suck for grounds-keeping, is actually a wonderful opportunity to engage visitors!


Reimagine your resort amenities

  • A Zen garden
  • Boardwalk trail
  • Swan islands
  • An island wedding altar ($)
  • Family-friendly trout fishing ($)
  • A hydroponic or aquaponic garden($)
  • Let your creativity reign!

($) = revenue generating

BioHaven Floating Islands also

  • Mitigate unwanted aquatic growth that’s detracting from your water setting.
  • Screen undesirable views across ( or on the surface of ) a lake.
  • Eliminate undesirable wave action.
  • Provide shelter for koi.

Custom design-built, modular, sustainable, chemical-free, biodiversity builders


Visit our science page to see how they work.

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