BioHaven® Nesting Habitat

BioHaven® Habitat Islands can be custom tailored to your project.  No project is too small or too large.

Happy residents of BioHaven® Nesting Islands include swans, ducks, loons, clapper rails, caspian terns, as well as many others.  The main difference with nesting on a BioHaven® is that the nesting site is surrounded by a body of water, with the nest being in a more remote location away from common predators.

BioHaven® Floating Islands as nesting sites have been used with success to increase reproductive success of endangered birds in lakes and reservoirs.  A recent study conducted showed that floating islands could help mitigate negative impacts of reservoir operations and encourage certain birds to nest away from areas prone to human disturbance.

The official BioHaven® Floating Islands have been used with success by the Army Corps of Engineers, USGS, Dept. of Forestry, as well as many other agencies.

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Our commitment to the environment runs deep. Even before leaving our production facility, each BioHaven® is doing its part to have a positive impact on the earth. By using recycled material, we reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills. For each square foot of BioHaven® floating island, about 12 recycled PET bottles have been transformed into a product that benefits the environment. 

Floating Treatment Wetland by Floating Islands West

Do you have questions about how the BioHaven floating island functions, or which size is the best for you?  Maybe you simply want to plant & install your own floating island, but need some guidance?


Whether you are planning to buy a floating island for nesting, either now or possibly in the future, we are here to help!  In addition to providing the ideal nesting site for waterfowl, our islands also work wonders to restore a healthy balance to your pond.  In order for us to best assist you, we’ve created the following form…it will help us in determining which floating island will be the best nesting island for you.

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BioHaven® products have been used or featured by many well respected companies and agencies.