Spring Pond Tip

Looking for the key to natural pond management? Our BioHaven floating islands are nature inspired floating wetlands designed for habitat and water quality.

Pond plants are a must for any water garden or aquascape feature.  What if we told you that you are not limited to just water plants in your pond?  What if you could grow virtually anything in your pond, even in areas where plant shelves do not exist?

If you are like many other koi hobbyists and pond owners, you are probably starting the process of your spring pond cleanout and planning on the best solutions to keep your pond clear and free of algae.  Did you know that plants and algae compete for food in your pond?  They both feed of of nutrients – the more pond plants, the less algae your pond will be producing…so if you are looking to control algae, follow the principles of natural pond management with a BioHaven® floating treatment island.  To get even more control of algae in your  koi pond, you will want to increase beneficial bacteria in your pond…a simple way to do that – without adding treatment, is to use a BioHaven® floating island in your pond or aquascape water garden.


In addition to the many other benefits that  a BioHaven® floating island can provide, a single floating island unit will serve as two primary functions in your pond: adding plants and increasing beneficial bacteria.


  1. BioHaven® floating islands allow you to add a variety of plants to your pond, and you are not limited to aquatic plants.  The plant roots will work their way through the floating island and into the water where fish will use the island and plant roots as refuge.
  2. BioHaven® floating islands are made of a unique matrix, similar to that of a pond filter media – our proprietary blend of fibers create the best areas for microbial colonization, this will substantially increase beneficial bacteria in the form of microbes.  No other floating planter or floating koi pond island will work in the way that a Genuine BioHaven® floating treatment island will.  We are pleased to present to the koi pond market, our simple, yet effective water quality and habitat island…functioning the way that nature intended.
BioHaven® floating island

Introducing Floating Islands, by Floating Islands West.

Floating Island for Ponds

Floating Islands West manufactures Genuine BioHaven® pond islands, recognized for water quality and habitat enhancement.  Our floating islands are the highest quality pond island planters for your koi pond, the BioHaven® floating islands have been used worldwide by many respected groups & organizations.  With the BioHaven® mini floating island, you are getting a product that is made to the same high quality standards that go into our large floating treatment wetlands, which have been named in Washington DC as a Top 6 Innovative Water Technology.


Grow a lush floating island of aquatic or terrestrial plants, but do it with something that will last and will also help to improve pond water quality.  At Floating Islands West, each floating island is hand crafted in California, USA and made from recycled material.

Get your pond ready for spring, pre-order a floating island today!

BioHaven floating islands are designed to

  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance habitat
  • Beautify your pond or tank
  • Grow plants in deep areas of pond where there are no plant shelves
  • Add a safe non-toxic planter to your koi pond or aquatic garden
  • Help remove phosphates, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Increase beneficial bacteria and consume excess nutrients
Floating Island

Full line of mini islands Manufactured by Floating Islands West, LLC

  • Model# IPO100 & 150
  • Model# IPO200 & 250 = 2.5 foot x 3 foot
  • Model# IPO300 & 350 = 5 foot x 3 foot
  • Model# IPO400 & 450 = 5 foot x 4 foot
  • Model# IPO500 & 1500 = 5 foot x 5 foot
  • Model# IPO700 = 3 foot circle island
  • Model# IPO800 = Circle island 4 foot diameter
  • Model# IPO900 = Circle island 5 foot diameter
  • Model#1200 = Square island 3 foot x 3 foot
  • Model#1400 = Square island 4 foot x 4 foot
  • Model#1500 = Square island 5 foot x 5 foot

Customize your own floating island: We are happy to make any size that you would like, here are a few custom floating island sizes.

  • 7 x 10 foot floating island
  • 8 x 10 foot floating island
  • 10 x 10 foot floating island
  • 10 x 15 foot floating island
  • 20 x 20 foot floating island
  • Larger floating islands available
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